Website and other content reviews

Website and other content reviews

You know your content isn’t working, but do you need SEO, proofreading or something else?

I have reviewed and updated websites for several organisations. Unlike an SEO specialist, I also keep an eye on out for your human visitors and make sure the people who you would like to buy your product or service will engage with your website.

I use a range of tools to assess your website and recommend improvements

  • SEO assessment – I check that the words you use are the ones that potential customers put into search engines and you are making the most of other features such as h1 and h2 headings
  • Page loading – I assess your website speeds using a range of tools and provide reports for your desktop and mobile versions and that of a competitor
  • Clarity of language – I address clumsy or incorrect English
  • Structure – I recommend page contents and menu items to help your customers find the important stuff
  • Value proposition – I check you are clear about addressing the needs of your customers and help them buy your product or service
  • Functionality tests – I test contact pages, buying functions and online services (subject to commercial terms)
  • Links tests – I go beyond link testers and make sure links lead to the right and appropriate web content and that you are following conventions and SEO best practice with the use of external links

I document all suggested changes and other opportunities for improvement in a professional report. I can provide updated content in the report or as a stand-alone document (eg in RTF format or notepad) for easy incorporation.