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Tailored services

No two customers are the same or have the same needs. In our exploratory conversations we will agree what will work best for you and tailor a solution from these building blocks:

Customer satisfaction surveys

Not knowing how your customers feel leaves you open to customer churn and keeping existing customers is much less expensive than recruiting new customers.
We capture your customers’ opinions and present opportunities for improvement.

End of relationship research

As projects draw to a close and customers move onto pastures new, understanding customer perspectives will help you plan your next project and enhance your products and services.
We talk with customers and staff, then report your successes and describe ways to improve.

Product and services reviews

Passion for your business can push out objectivity. A different viewpoint will show you what your customers see and uncover new ideas.
We review your products and services highlighting positive and negative attributes.

Value Proposition Development

When you describe your business, do you focus on what you do or the value you generate for customers? Better understand the needs and expectations of your customers.
A tailored workshop exploring the whole of your customers’ experience with suggestions for improved experience, better communication and increasing value.

Voice of the Customer - projects

You appreciate feedback is valuable, but can’t face wading through all that data. Discover new ways of satisfying your customers.
We can rapidly assess one or more features of your customer experience.

Voice of the Customer - implementation

Customers are becoming ever more demanding. If you use Voice of the Customer data for continuous improvement and stay ahead of your competition.
We can help you build the in-house ability to interpret and take action on customer feedback.

Business improvement implementation

Improvements lists are great, but can you spare the time to realise the benefits? If you can, sustainable development will bring business growth and cost reduction.
We design and deliver projects business acumen.

Customer journey mapping

Show your team how they each influence the customer and business to pinpoint opportunities to drive improvements and empower your people.
We plan and deliver workshops to map your customer journey.

New product development

Do you design products and services for customers just like you? Do you need products and services that meet customer needs with lower development costs?
We can confirm your requirements, test your products and help you avoid unpleasant surprises.

Tailored style – adjective noun
/ˈteɪləd stʌɪl/

Consulting support the way you need it:
leader or colleague or coach
guiding or hands-on
listener & advisor

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Tailored services

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