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Tailored services and a style to meet your needs

Tailored services

customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping

A clear and complete map of your customer journey will help you identify the places where your customer experience is weakest – and the most expensive.

develop value proposition

Developing value propositions

A good value proposition will help you sell your products or services and let your team know what they have to achieve.

process development

Developing processes

Customer-facing processes that work from day one boost your customer and employee satisfaction.

identify opportunities

Identify opportunities

Interpreting data from any number of sources identifies opportunities to improve performance and develop new products and services.

build social evidence

Build social evidence

Sharing stories of customer experience in your marketing and sales materials – from case studies to testimonials – helps increase sales.

project management

Project management

Improvement projects fulfilled with good planning and excellent execution deliver more benefits, more quickly.

Tailored style

Consulting support the way you need it:

leader or colleague or coach

guiding or hands-on

listener & advisor

Michelle Spaul

Michelle Spaul - management consultant

My background in engineering and project management support my structured approach to assessing customer experience and making improvements.

I have a strong cross-functional background having worked in or with virtually every function in an organisation from software design to commercial. I understand conflicting priorities and can bring people together across functional divides.

My leadership style comes from years of experience of change. As the recipient, team member and leader. I can be hands-on or coaching; share my knowledge and experience or motivate your team into teaching me something new.

Tailored services

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