What is project management consultancy?

What is project management consultancy

To use a cliché, in Project Management no one size fits all. Clients ask me to build or run projects. They need structure to meet their strategic goals. They have great ideas but need a kickstart. Whatever your plans, you are in the right place to connect with a talented Project Manager. Contact me to get the help you need.

My Project Management skills will help you

understand the work needed to deliver your project

put in place robust project practices and governance

deliver sustainable business benefits

If you need to do something new, you need Project Management. When designing new products or services Project Management provides the focus and organisation to deliver quality at the right price. If you face a compliance challenge, Project Management will make sure you take the right actions to become compliant in time. In short, my professional experience will make your project more successful.

What’s more, I have worked in a range of sectors from non-profit to marketing. I understand the challenges organisations all face. And will quickly learn what makes your culture unique. Whether your history, customer demographics or regulatory environment influences your eccentricities; I can unravel your difficulties and put you on the right track for success.

But I am more than a Project Manager. Following analysis, I advised a business to cancel a project that was breaking its promises. With my help failing projects and project teams have succeeded.  I have achieved the impossible. My leadership has given voice to team members and helped them contribute. My analytical skills have come to play in the development and improvement of business processes. See my case studies for more details.

I can blend the hard world of Gantt charts and Risk Registers with the softer disciplines of Communications Planning and Coaching and have the change management skills to make projects not just successful, but enjoyable too.

Project Management specialisms

Delta Swan specialises in the following project types – if you need help in one of these areas, please get in touch. Visit our About Project Management page for a description of project management.

Some thoughts

As I observe and learn, I like to share my thoughts. Here are my recent posts.
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About Delta Swan

About Delta Swan

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Doing something badly doesn’t make it a bad thing

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How to work out if you have a project or a programme

How to work out if you have a project or a programme

Knowing whether you want to deliver a programme or project can help you identify and support the right leader.

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