Professional Word and PowerPoint templates

Professional Word and PowerPoint templates

Badly designed – or not designed at all – presentations and documents let you down in two ways.

The first is public – anyone who sees your slides or reads your document will judge you on the quality of the format as well as the content.

The second is private – without a template you can spend many extra hours playing with the format of the document when you should be focusing on the content.

Yet, setting up a template is one of those jobs that never reaches the top of the pile. How can it when the report you are writing has a range of different header styles depending on how your team contributed to it.

This is where I can help. Based on your in-house style or the type of document you are creating, I can build templates in PowerPoint and Word to ensure consistency in front of your customer, a great format and more time to spend on getting your message across.

I will show you how to make the templates available to your whole team and how to make sure the template is applied if you send the presentation or document outside your organisation. And I will give you instructions for changing the templates as your style and preferences change.