Useful, useable Excel

Useful, useable Excel

No matter how often we are told not to, we all use Excel for business critical applications.

And eventually, we all understand why that is a risky strategy. Perhaps you have a macro no one can edit or a large, slow spreadsheet that produces the information you needed five years ago, but can’t answer today’s questions?

While larger companies can justify the cost of a dedicated application, most of us need to make Excel work for us.

I can help with:

  • Data clean up and rationalisation – many folk set up spreadsheets with lots of little tables. Neither Excel or other people can easily get to grips with this. I can put your data into a tabular format and correct spelling mistakes, errant spaces and other errors. If you have formulas I will check they are correct and simplify them wherever possible.
  • Dashboards – there is nothing like being able to see your data and quickly understand what it is telling you. I can set up dashboards that update at the click of a mouse and give you insights into your performance.
  • Data entry – in many situations we need people to enter data. I can set up data queries that give a robust repeatable method of automatically entering data or create data entry tables that prevent errors and reduce the time spent typing.