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Your route to customer focused business improvements

If you are suffering from poor customer feedback or a deteriorating relationship, I will define up to five issues and find out what causes them. I will hand over to a project sponsor with business case essentials (cost, benefits, resources and objectives).

This quick one gives an insight into pressing issues, freeing up staff from firefighting and putting a smile back on the face of your customers.

Few organisations have the time to wade through every customer review or comment, whether that is on the internet or passed to you through your call centre. Yet this feedback can be gold.

The thorough one assesses all feedback and gives your team a list of improvements and ideas for your next generation of products or services. Then I don my Project Management hat and lead your team through the early stages of improvements, delivering quick wins and setting you on the road to high levels of customer satisfaction.

Both the quick one and the thorough one get to the root cause of specific issues and stop reoccurrence. The permanent one goes a couple of steps further:

  • Addressing the issues that allowed the problem to occur. Say you have a process that breaks down at a certain step. Quick and thorough fix that step. Permanent will ask why that step was broken and find solutions that will improve the quality of all future processes.
  • Once an organisation has benefitted from the thorough one, it could sit back on its laurels and run the risk of new issues getting out of hand. The permanent one puts in place strong customer experience processes. Giving you the skills and process to spot arising problems and nip them in the bud.

Michelle can use any data to improve your customers’ experience and your bottom line.

For consumer-facing organisations

Online reviews
– including retail sites, review sites and social media
Home trials
– using structured and natural tests to understand what really happens when a customer uses your product or service
Call centre feedback
– working with the groups and individuals who hear your customer complaints every day
Customer interviews
– speaking directly with your customers whether that is a retail buyer or a consumer

For B2B organisations

Customer interviews
– speaking directly with your customers to understand their experience of working with you
Customer quality data
– assessing the nature and value of direct complaints about your product or service
End-user data
– if your product or service impacts your customer’s customer, I will establish appropriate data sources

Feedback is often about the things that don’t work for a customer. A late delivery, broken product or painful service.

But positive feedback can tell you what you do well and encourage you to do more. Customers may ask for something new, a feature or function that is missing or a way of thinking from their point of view. Communicating this feedback to your team is part of the Delta Swan service and will set you apart too.

Michelle Spaul

Michelle Spaul – management consultant

My background in engineering and project management support my structured approach to collecting and analysing data, and making improvements.

I have a strong cross-functional background having worked in or with virtually every function in an organisation from software design to commercial. I understand conflicting priorities and can bring people together across functional divides.

My leadership style comes from years of experience of change. As the recipient, team member and leader.

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