Freelance services

Freelance services

In addition to project and change management contracts, Delta Swan provides freelance services. We have a broad range of skills to offer:

Case studies – need to blow your own trumpet, but don’t have the words? Perhaps modesty forbids you to shout about your latest and greatest triumphs? Delta Swan can spend time with you, your team and your clients to build case studies that show the world what you can do. In a range of PowerPoint or Word formats to suit every situation.

Content creation – from sales pitches and marketing content, get your message out in plain, correct English. Perhaps you want a different voice. Something more modern and catchy. Or you might require a more formal tone. Delta Swan can produce blog posts to order, write your about page or turn your technical instructions into something your customer’s value.

Website review – do you need SEO or a copy-edit? Have you met the rules for business websites? Do your clicks and links take your customers closer to an order? Delta Swan can check all this, and so much more, and give you a set of recommendations for action.

Self-publishing project management – few writers enjoy the challenges of self-publishing. As one with the scars, Delta Swan can guide you through the import actions and help you enjoy getting your book into print

Word and PowerPoint templates – do you have an important document to write, but you know your format will either distract your customer or be hard to achieve? Are you sick of your presentations changing colour when you give them to a client? Do you need to quickly get new material into your presentation without the worry of keeping your formatting and identity consistent? A professionally built template makes your job easier and enhances your reputation.

Freelance services that deliver value. Delta Swan believes in helping you move your business forward. We don’t just write, we provide insight and guidance. Contact us today to learn how we can improve your communications or visit our specialist freelance website.