Complementary skills

Complementary skills

Project management is a technical subject. To deliver success every project manager needs complementary skills. Great communications, records, presentations and business analysis make a good project better.


In projects, we must plan our communications. We have to decide what we want to happen as a result of communications. And I don’t believe a passive response, e.g. ‘better understanding’, is always good enough. Knowing what we want people to do, we can build the best communication channels, delivery mechanism and messages.

Furthermore, we must tailor our communications to the audience using appropriate presentation style, language and content.

Delta Swan will help you deliver effective communications. From plan to grammar.

Reports and presentations

At each stage of the project life cycle, we need to document what we have done, what we have decided and what we plan to do. The project team need a detailed record, but stakeholders often prefer a summary. Here are some examples of reports:

  • Concept phase – the Business Case captures all essential detail (see this post for a definition).
  • Definition phase – planning is not a synonym for schedule. In the definition phase, we record all our planning in the Project Management Plan (PMP). The PMP can act as an index to other records eg a risk register.
  • Implementation phase – progress reports are the key record during implementation. Like the PMP they may point out to other project artefacts.
  • Handover and closeout – lessons learnt reports record what we could do better next time.

But the key to reports is making them useful. Each project, stakeholders have differing needs. Good reports satisfy your stakeholders. Complex reports, created to tick boxes, are a waste of everyone’s time.

For me, the best bit about writing reports is that they force consistency and completeness. Nothing helps shine a spotlight on a weak part of your project like being unable to describe it in writing.

Delta Swan will produce the records that best suit your needs. From professional reports to snazzy presentations.

Business analysis

At each stage of the data life cycle – collect, record, analyse and use – quality is important. Experiments, customer surveys etc must Collect the data you need. Recording shall capture data in a reliable format that lends itself to analysis. Analysis focuses on questions. Sound presentation and fact-based recommendations facilitate the Use of data.

Delta Swan will ensure the quality of your business analysis. From collection to use.

More than a Project Management Consultancy, Delta Swan employs complementary skills to deliver business success.