Case studies

The following case studies demonstrate my skills and achievements across a range of project types and challenges.

Product Development

The concept phase in action

No matter how hard you wish, your project dreams may not come true. In that case, a cold, hard look is required. One client had two failing projects. I demonstrated that one should end and that the other was travelling hopefully. Then I fixed it.

Change Management

Major IT upgrade

When asked to sit between an IT team and a recalcitrant business, I jumped at the chance to significantly improve the interface and delivery project goals. I drove a 'no-one left behind' philosophy and backed it up with the tools, techniques and communications needed to succeed.

Performance Improvement

Project recovery

In this project recovery activity, I led by including everyone. From senior stakeholders to the most distant person in my extended team. I built a robust, connected schedule, sharing the goals and requirements of every individual. We were ready to deliver when the customer changed their mind.

Process Transformation

Introducing new processes

When a consultant led project failed and left behind a couple of vital, but bloated, process, I was tasked with cutting them down to size while implementing them. I knock five days of preparation down to two, three days of workshops down to one and five facilitators down to one. Cheaper and more effective.

Product Improvements

Transforming quality

In this project, I combined project management, business analysis and a heap of influencing to drive down customer returns.