About Delta Swan

About Delta Swan

Delta Swan is the home of change. Whether you want to improve your performance, communicate with your team or plan for success you are in the right place to connect with a strong Interim Project Manager, Change Manager and freelancer.

Delta Swan Limited provides management consultancy in a range of areas.

We don’t just advise, we do.

With a roll-up her sleeves approach, Michelle Spaul will give your organisation a boost. Her infectious enthusiasm combined with solid foundations in Project Management, Change Management and Business Analysis will set you up on the right path to transform your performance.

Perhaps your processes are no longer working?

Do you need to make a change to keep up with the competition, satisfy your customers or retain your staff?

Are you short of people for an urgent, important product introduction?

Delta Swan will develop and implement new processes, set up and deliver change, provide freelance project management.

Does your web site fail to get leads?

Do you feel alone in your understanding of business goals?

Can you articulate your accomplishments to potential customers?

Delta Swan will review your website and make recommendations, develop and execute a communications plan, write compelling case studies that highlight your strengths.

If you need support to make a change in your organisation contact Delta Swan today or if you prefer the comfort of contracting through a third-party connect me via People Per Hour.

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To learn more about Michelle Spaul: her skills and achievements, please visit LinkedIn.