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Compelling – adjective

evoking interest, attention or admiration in a powerfully irresistible way

Customer experience – noun
/ˈkʌstəmə ɪkˈspɪərɪəns,ɛkˈspɪərɪəns/

all the interactions your customer has with your business, products and services

What is customer experience?

Every time you and your customer interact you are building a customer experience. Customers add all these experiences together and use them to decide how they feel about your business. Customer experience cannot be left to chance.

The benefits of a compelling customer experience

A compelling customer experience builds loyalty and retains customers, letting you grow your business with reduced costs.

On the other hand, a poor experience will become a topic of conversation, opening the door to your competition.

How to manage your customer experience

You need three things to manage the experience of your customers:

  • Knowing when you interact with your customers
  • Understanding how your customers feel about their experience
  • Wanting to deliver a compelling customer experience

Whether your customers are consumers or other businesses, people will compare the experience you deliver with the best they have experienced.

Customer Experience (CX) Critical Success Factors

The good news is that the best customer experiences have common features – often called critical success factors.

Conquer these and your customer experience will change from ‘meh’ to compelling.

Why invest in customer experience?

Value Proposition Icon

Easier sales and marketing; set strategic direction

Developing a value proposition will help you sell, market and set strategic direction.

Streamline Processes

Compelling customer experience

Streamline processes and introduce appropriate technology to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

Sustainable Change

Sustainable change

Robust project and change management methods ensure your changes are permanent.

I tailor my services to meet your needs

My approach is always fresh; you can be sure I will respond to your needs, not a playbook. I am always learning, with a constant eye on the latest developments as well as taking lessons from every job. I understand that you will rely on me to help you deliver a compelling customer experience.

With a wide and varied career history, I understand people, the way they work, how they respond to change and what gets them up in the morning. All my services come with ways of making change stick.

I’ll never forget why you are in business. Whether you are refocusing your marketing or fixing a broken product, I will help you build a solid business case. Then together we will plan and deliver a project to give you a return on your investment.

But only if that’s what you need. You may prefer doing things for yourself, leaning on Delta Swan for a friendly ear and advice.


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