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what is customer experience?

What is customer experience?

Customer experience is the sum of the interactions a customer has with your organisation from burgeoning awareness to ending your relationship. Some people write that experience is how the customer feels. I disagree. For me the experience is what happens and customer perception is how the customer feels.

Benefits of customer experience

The benefits of an awesome customer experience

Good customer experience is central to a sustainable, robust business model and a poor experience will, sooner or later, guarantee failure. Of course, we are human; we don’t focus on the long-term all that well, not when there are short-term benefits to be had. So, we need to appreciate the more immediate benefits of great customer experience. In the simplest of terms, they come in the form of improved sales and reduced costs.

Managing customer experience

How to manage your customer experience

You need three things to get going on managing the experience of your customers:

  • A map of the customer journey
  • A good understanding of how your customers perceive their experience
  • Now, think that through. No single team or individual can gather, let alone make sense of, all that information. You need shared accountabilities too.

How I have helped others…

Reduced product returns by 60% - saving £600,000 per year

Promoted cross-functional collaboration to address customer satisfaction issues

Refocused suppliers on customer requirements - recovering project deliverables

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