Product and service assessment

Product and service assessment

Sometimes we are so intent on doing our jobs, we can’t understand customer complaints.

It’s perfectly natural, we know we are doing a good job within the constraints of our business, so when a customer complains we quickly resolve their concern and move on. But that isn’t enough. Each complaint is an opportunity to improve. Not some wishy-washy feel good improvement. Implementing changes that improve your bottom line.

How? By looking at the data with an analyst’s eye. If you have a list of complaints, website feedback, call centre comments. I can take that data, categorise the issues and point to areas of improvement and the types of benefits to be expected (one-off cash saving, reoccurring revenue enhancement, timesaving – to be cashed as you see fit, quality – eg number of product returns, satisfaction, improve your ratings on Feefo, etc).

Or maybe you just don’t have the data. I can assess a product or service by using it – a secret shopper if you will. Or perhaps you would prefer real users to conduct a trial? In both cases, I will do all the organisation and provide a full report.


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