Keeping the ‘self’ in self-publishing

Keeping the ‘self’ in self-publishing

If you are a writer you probably find the idea of self-publishing daunting.

To be, honest only the most hardened person could simultaneously take on a project of this size while opening their creation to public scrutiny with no fear or trepidation.

Many businesses have sprung up to help the aspiring author self-publish in a hassle free way. But that has two downsides.

  • The cost is the most obvious; this kind of book shepherding wields a hefty price tag.
  • The second is the loss of control. By putting an intermediary between you and any service providers you might end up with a ‘product’ you don’t like (ah, that is another unpleasant result, your book is suddenly a product).

I believe there is another way. A way of supporting new authors find their way through the maze of options, reminding them of tasks and answering their questions clearly and directly. And I would like to offer that service to you.

So, no flashy website, no offer to put you in touch with a range of carefully vetted suppliers, no standard programme. Just good honest support with a carefully tailored checklist, email conversations and phone calls to a real person who has done it all and promises not to ‘reach out’, ‘loop around’ or plan your ‘inbound marketing’.

I would love to meet writers in the East Midlands and will give free presentations about self-publishing to writers’ groups.