Case studies

My achievements and the skills demonstrated

Picking up an in flight project

Taking over a project

I was asked to step into a project after the original Project Manager moved on. Sorry to say, I couldn’t make sense of the plan and each of the team confided concerns about the timing and when they would be getting the data they needed from each other. The project […]

Pinch point

Business readiness – windows migration

In any organisation updating IT can be a painful experience. IT projects may feel they have an unequivocal mandate to change, but the business will push back if the migration will compromise its ability to work. As a result, costs mount and the dreaded ‘m’ word looms large – mop-ups. […]

Process Transformation

Process transformation

In the aftermath of a failed CRM project, the business I worked in implemented a number of processes designed by the project team. The consultant designed processes were a little bloated. For instance, the process to create a customer strategy required a week’s worth of prep and three days of facilitated workshops […]

Pulling against bad planning

When the wrong answer is the right answer

Any project manager will tell you that investing without a business case is fool’s errand. Now I don’t mean a financial business case; indeed I find that I prefer the Prince 2 term ‘initiation document’. Whatever you call it, preparing this document helps you explore, structure and succeed in your […]

Impact on returns rates

Analytical approach to transforming product quality

Philips DAP Hastings decided to engage with the University of Brighton as part of the Teaching Company Scheme. Originally the project aim was to reduce the rate of product returns for fan heaters and develop design rules for later models. I joined the scheme and took on the project almost […]