Business readiness – getting ready for digital transformation

Business readiness – getting ready for digital transformation

No matter what new IT we introduce someone in the team will be uncomfortable.

And the purpose of business readiness is removing that discomfort to smooth the path of change. As well as making it more efficient and effective.In my experience IT teams, whether in-house or external overestimate:

In my experience IT teams, whether in-house or external, overestimate:

  • the extend of buy-in to the change
  • the time the business has to take part in change activities
  • the interest people have in IT

Simultaneously, they underestimate:

  • the amount of preparation required
  • the amount of support required before the change
  • the amount of support required after the change

And that is where digital transformations go wrong.

Introducing business readiness at the start of the project gives the business a voice at the table. Whether you want to ring-fence a critical period, flag up the sheer amount of data in the old system or ask for training, a Business Readiness Manager acts as your advocate and helps plan the project for success. The Business Readiness Manager checks communications are suitable, listens to concerns and finds answers.

The Business Readiness Manager also makes sure your people are ready for the change. Providing training or communications to help them perform well within a new process or with a new tool. Driving readiness activities, like data archiving and discovery. Determining the impact that will be felt and making sure everyone gets through the transformation in one piece.

A Business Readiness Manager puts your digital transformation on a sound footing, reducing business disruption AND project costs. Don’t start your project without one.


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